Our Home is Where We Park It


After leaving San Marcos, we headed for Rockport, TX. In the Coastal Bend  This is where we came our first winter on the road.  We have come back to Raintree RV Park.  The owners live on site and are always working to improve things.  We are visiting friends and favorite places. 


We stayed in Rockport for 9 days.  It's St. Patrick's Day.  Larry proposed to me 39 years ago.  We wanted to do some-thing special.  We went to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge to see the Whopping Cranes.  There were two sets-- a family of three and a pair.


On another day our friend Marie and her Dalmatian, Blaze went to Padre Island National Seashore.  The weather was perfect--in the high 70's.  Roscoe and Harpo had a great time terrorizing sea gulls and small cranes.  Roscoe was a little braver and got his paws wet.  Harpo got her tummy incrusted with sand.  It was an all round relaxing, enjoyable day.  We came back and brought in dinner from Mac's Barbeque. 


Larry grilled sirloin burgers and veggie kabobs one evening--delicious.


I caught up on laundry and Larry washed the truck.   We enjoyed two more meals with Marie and other friends.  One time we went into Corpus Christi and the other we had pizza (Larry and I have been on the S. Beach diet since the end of Nov. and pizza is a rare treat).



Phyllis’ Journal


Phyllis’ Journal 2007

This is a chronicle of 4 Morgans:  Larry, Phyllis,
Roscoe (male miniature Schnauzer), and Harpo (female miniature poodle)

This page covers our third full year on the road

Areas visited include :  Rockport TX, Des Moines Iowa, Bowling Green KY, Eastern OK, Waller TX (near Houston)


Page Last Updated: 8/10/2008

Leaving San Marcos, March 2007


I'm looking back over a year.  I will try to catch up on what we've been up to.


March, 2007


After leaving Rockport, we visited friends in the Valley (Rio Grande River Valley).  Barry and Janet invited us to stay at their house.  They have RV hookups and a concrete pad.  We had an enjoyable 4 days before heading north.


On our way north we had to dodge tornadoes and severe thunder storms.  At a Walmart,  the sky looked cloudy when we went in; by the time we came out it was a sick green color.  We hurried away.  A tornado touched down not long after we left. 


We were on our way back to Indiana.  Paul, our son, was graduating from IUPUI (Purdue division) in electrical engineering-technology.  We promised him we would come back for a month.  We were able to enjoy his project presentation--lights connected to an electronic keyboard.  He would play a note and a light would come on.  The whole family got together for a lovely meal afterward. 


Felicity wanted to make sure that Mother's Day and my 60th birthday were special.  She made reservations at my favorite restaurant--Cheesecake Factory.  Again it was great, the family was all together and we had a terrific time.


We were able to shop with the kids, play games, and enjoy each others company--it was a great month.


Memorial Day through Labor Day 2007


Then we needed to be on our way to our summer job in Iowa.  Adventureland is a small amusement park on the SE side of Des Moines.  Larry and I thought it would be fun.  It wasn't.  What was presented wasn't what we expected.  We stayed through July 4 and left.  Larry had found us another job in Bowling Green, KY.  110 degrees for 8 weeks straight.  However, we endured.  This just wasn't going to be a whiz bang year for scenery.


October—December 2007


We headed west and south.  We had not been in OK.  We took a route that took us through eastern and southeastern OK.  I never expected how delightful this area would be.  The Ozarks of AK just spilled over into OK.  We stayed at a  national forest campground for a couple of days and definitely want to go back.


We lined up a winter job in TX.  It sounded like it had a lot of possibilities.  We were hired by a Jellystone Park to be activity directors for the winter.  We signed a contract for the 1st of Oct. to April 15.  When we arrived we were thrown into Halloween preparation.  We overlapped our time with the current director.  WOW what a busy month.  Larry and I don't do Halloween as a rule but that was the job.  We had to get the Haunted House ready.  It was an old doublewide mobile home.

It was in horrible shape!!!  Wild dog feces on the carpeting and other general filth.  We had about 8 or 9 days to get this ready as well as outside activities and the normal inside crafts.  The Halloween season lasted 3 weeks.  After this time, Dave left and Larry and I were on our own.  We had great weekends planned and 12 plus hours of work each and every Saturday. After we were there for less than 2 weeks the managers quit.  The 5th set of managers for the year came in.  All seen to

be going well, the current managers seemed happy with our work.  Then the general manager for this corporation came in and said he didn't need us.  We didn't know what to think.  Larry started looking for other job possibilities--not easy in the winter.


Then, God was watching over us, our campground that we love in San Marcos called us.  Rachel and David, the  owners of Pecan Park Campground in San Marcos, called to see if we were available.  YEAH!!!  We are only 250 miles away.  We arrive on Nov. 15 and started working the weekends.


 It has been a great winter.  We have been able to hike state parks: Lost Maples was a refreshing find.  We got there a little late for a lot of fall color' but there was some.  The leaves on these maple trees are so tiny.  They are about 1/5 the size of the Sugar Maples in IN.