Phyllis’ Journal


Phyllis’ Journal December 2004

This is a chronicle of 4 Morgans:  Larry, Phyllis,
Roscoe (male miniature Schnauzer), and Harpo (female miniature poodle)

This page covers the first month on the road.


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December 5, 2004  The long awaited date has come.  We head west and south.  It is such a relief. We have planned, sold, and purchase for this time in our lives. The BAT (Bad Assed Truck) was one of our purchases.  It is a 1999, 3500, diesel, Dodge Ram dually, black.

 Our first stop is in Benton, IL--Benton-Best Holiday Trav-L-Park.  There has been a fire here recently.  Everything is charred and stinks.  We ordered pizza delivered.

 December 6-9, 2004 We arrived at West Memphis, AR. This is stop # 2, Tom Sawyer's Campground.  We are about 300 ft. from the Mississippi River.  We were there 3 nights.  There were 2 major storms. Laundry here is free. It was here we decided to get rid of Dish Net. Our service was horrible and the equipment was cheap.

December 9, 2004 We left Tom Sawyer's and headed for Little Rock.  This city is to be avoided at all cost.  The interstate around the city was totally torn up, including the part you had to drive on. We cut our travel short and stayed at Benton, AR (stop 3) JB's RV Park was an interesting place.  It had a great setting with pine trees and a pond. However, the sites were not leveled.  They were domed in the middle. 

December 10-13, 2004 Stop 4 is Kilgore, TX, Shallow Creek Campground.  We met some nice people here, who are also full-time RVers.  The campground is basically a golf resort.

December 13-28, 2004 We have arrived at Rainbows End, Livingston, TX.  This is our home address. Larry parked at the office and I stayed in the truck with Harpo and Roscoe (our dogs).  I need to stop here and explain. Rainbows End is the headquarters for the Escapees.  Escapees are mostly full-time RVers.  We joined this club in 1999. Now back to the story.  While waiting for Larry to register us, Tyler came out of the laundry. She came over and said hello and welcome me to the park.  When she found out that this was our first visit here, I received a hug.  Then she wanted to meet Roscoe and Harpo.  Of course this made my day.

By the way, we purchased Roscoe the July after Larry's auto accident.  Roscoe is a miniature Schnauzer, 2 1/2 years old, salt and pepper color, and a delight.  Harpo is a CocaPoo--she looks all Poodle.  She is 1 1/2 years old, white, and charming.

I need to back up.  Before arriving at Rainbow's End, we had the truck and camper inspected for Texas licensing. December 14, we got our vehicle plates and registration, plus registering to vote. December 15, we got our drivers' licenses.   We are now Texans. In this above time period, we also got Texas insurance.

December 16 was our first free day in Livingston.  We have lots of places to walk the dogs.  On one of these walks, we met Carolyn Walters and Lucy.  We went to a luncheon and then the afternoon social.

From December 17-27, we walk a lot; met other Escapees and their dogs; did laundry; washed truck and camper.

December 25, Christmas, we had a great dinner with about 200 other Escapees.  That evening we had Carolyn in for wine.  Lucy, Roscoe, and Harpo had bones. Larry has helped Carolyn with WiFi and some other computer items.

We also went to Lake Livingston for an outing with Roscoe and Harpo.

December 28, 2004 -January 1, 2005 We leave Livingston and go to Victoria, TX.  We stayed at the Lazy Longhorn Campground.  The other campers here were friendly and the dogs were able to meet some new friends.  Roscoe and Harpo were able to be off-leash in a back grassy area. While in Victoria, we needed to stock up on items from Sam's Club. We pulled shorts out of storage area in the back of the truck.

Rainbow’s End— December 2004

Hitting the Road— December 2004

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