Phyllis’ Journal

This is a chronicle of 4 Morgans:  Larry, Phyllis,
Roscoe (male miniature Schnauzer), and Harpo (female miniature poodle)

This page covers background information and the time before Larry and Phyllis hit the road.


On March 14, 2002, Larry was in a chain-reaction auto accident on the north split of I70 and I65. Larry sustained a neck and head injury. After many doctors (even a trip to the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL), Larry was not improving. 

Eli Lilly, Larry's employer, had worked with Larry.  He worked from home 2-3 days a week, going to the office the rest of the time.  Larry and I decided early retirement was the only answer.  Larry  would retire December 31, 2004.

 June 5, 2004  We sold our house to our son Paul. We have moved our Jayco Eagle TT to Heartland Resort. What we have with us, is all we have except for Larry's trains and a few articles of clothing.


October 24, 2004  We had a major disturbance with diesel construction equipment.  It was at 9pm on Sunday.  The owner of Heartland, John Salis, got abusive with us.

October 25, 2004  We moved to S&H Campground.

 October 28, 2004 (This is an approximate date.) God sent angels in the form of the Albright family.  Some healing took place. We were included as family in get-togethers and pitch-ins. By November 5, all of the above family was gone from the campground.

The next month is drudgery.  It is cold, wet, and muddy.

 Background 2002-2004

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